This King and Queen Tour and Conference will enhance each student’s intellectual knowledge and psychological behaviors through career placement, goal setting, interpersonal skill and leadership training. These events are all for the purpose of challenging the youth to take action in order to prepare them for accomplishing their goals and attaining success.

The Tour

The King and Queen Tour will consist of seven cities, 42 public schools in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This tour will feature Charles Clark, USA Sprinter and World Class athlete along with a select group of World Changers by his side. Teenagers are dealing with a great deal of challenges and having to overcome serious, life-changing obstacles such as quitting school, being lost because of the overwhelming feeling that no one understands them, wanting to fit in, struggling to keep up their grades, family issues, a burning desire to accomplish more without having the proper tools to utilize their talents, being secure and confident in their abilities, lack of resources to know what it’s going to take to succeed, and even thoughts of suicide due to pressures from societal norms. This tour is the reset button to put it all in the past and move forward by bringing out the best in high school students. This will be a motivational speaking tour like no other.

The Conference

During the fall of 2015, the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation looks to end a two month high school tour with a King Conference and Queen Conference at the Sandler Center, January 30th in Virginia Beach, VA. Through these events, the foundation will be giving kids substance and value that they can apply immediately to school, careers, family, sport teams, and long into adulthood. These conferences will entail having breakout sessions, present scholarship opportunities, appearances by public figures, community activist support, and support from the public schools. Special guest will be mentioned later this summer.

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